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Supported by the worlds’ only online collaborative planning platform, Smart Cities Activator. Our global network of stakeholders helps make more cities livable, workable and sustainable.

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The Town of Morrisville, North Carolina leads a cohort or North Carolina’s Research Triangle cities and agencies seeking to develop innovative data-…
Three diverse Digital Twin research projects are currently underway, with the learnings to be presented at Digital Twin Week 2021. Although the…
The working plan of the Rs 14.57 crore Jalliyakhal beautification project has been approved after tendering process in Madhya Pradesh. The…

Smart Cities Academy

The Smart Cities Academy helps build the knowledge and capacity to support a city’s success in accelerating great outcomes, offering anyone the opportunity to enhance their knowledge.

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Readiness Program

The Readiness Program, offered globally, helps cities build capacity to accelerate outcomes. Cities learn about what they need to do to accelerate their outcomes.

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Smart Cities Week

Join our bi-annual conferences convened in Australia, India and the US where cities globally learn from cities participating in the Council’s Readiness Program how to accelerate projects and better cities.

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