ASEAN Smart Cities Council Team

Kok Chin Tay

Kok Chin is Director for Smart Cities Council ASEAN, part of the world’s largest network of smart cities ecosystem stakeholders.

Kok Chin has led Smart Cities workshops for Sarawak State Government, Semarang, Jakarta and the Philippines government, with strategic MOU partnerships for inclusive and Sustainable Smart Cities globally.

In his last corporate role, he was ASEAN leader for the IBM Smarter Planet and Smart Building Global Alliances and project managed the Smart Cities Challenge for Singapore 2012.

The 'One Minute Read' series for ASEAN Smart Cities

The 'One Minute Read' series provide a range of insights from leadership cities as well as programs and frameworks to help accelerate smart cities throughout the ASEAN region.

The series includes the following:

  1. The 4 Commandments of Smart Cities by Rio de Jeneiro
  2. The ABC of a Smart Nation
  3. The ABCD of Indonesian Smart Cities
  4. The Smart Cities Mission of Prime Minister Modi of India
  5. CRAFT of the Sarawak Digital Economy
  6. How Estonia became the most Innovative Economy
  7. The Innovate Iloilo Movement
  8. Cauayan as a Smarter and Sustianable City

The eight documents are available for download below.

Smart Cities Council Announces 2021 Readiness Challenge Winners

The Smart Cities Council announced its first cohort of Readiness Challenge Winners for 2021 – specifically 

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia  /  Nashville, Tennessee, USA  /  Orange County, Florida, USA

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